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We offer all products and services associated with the oil and gas exploration and production process, i.e. the upstream sector of the energy industry.  In general we engage in the repair, and maintenance of equipment used in oil extraction and transportation. We also provide specific training for clients who need to have a basic understanding of oil and gas industry.

Customized Training
Frontier Resources has the ability to develop customer specific skills and training programs premised on prior training needs assessment. Therefore, an initial survey would be undertaken by Frontier Resources based on the job specifications so as to develop standard of job competences and performance criteria for the necessary skills.

Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry makes Frontier Resources one of the key-players in the Oil and Gas Procurement cycle. Our trading arm caters for a wide range of integrated services for your oil and gas operations.  Our impressive record of project delivery coupled with our specialist know-how in this industry, makes us a partner of choice in the Oil and Gas procurement sector.

Our teams of experienced professionals work with and provide advisory services and solutions to our Clients and Partners.

Consultancy is an attractive proposition for many of our Clients as it provides access to in depth knowledge and expertise on an as needed basis and can better manage expenditures in relation to retaining in-house capabilities.

Our Services