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Prospect and Discovery GIS Files and Geodatabases for the East Africa
Frontier Resources’s Prospect and Discovery Geodatabases, GIS Files and Datasets, are updated quarterly  and are derived from our  proprietary Database. The data is collated from various sources including meetings with oil and gas companies, scouting and public domain information and is audited, reviewed and updated monthly by our team of industry experts.

Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry makes Frontier Resources one of the key-players in the  Oil and Gas Procurement cycle. Our trading arm caters for a wide range of integrated services for your oil and gas operations.  Our impressive record of project delivery coupled with our specialist know-how in this industry, makes us a partner of choice in the Oil and Gas procurement sector.

Oil & Gas Intelligence gives you a report on analysis, opportunity and activity within East Africa oil and gas sector. The extensive research is updated daily and covers East Africa  and a number of basins including the Democratic Republic of Congo. In an environment where rapid market access and effective growth strategies are crucial, Oil and Gas Intelligence will give you a real competitive advantage.

Customised Training
Frontier Resources has the ability to develop customer specific skills and training programs premised on prior training needs assessment. Therefore an initial survey would be undertaken by Frontier Resources based on the job specifications so as to develop standard of job competences and performance criteria for the necessary skills.

Frontier Resources offers a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever changing landscape of compliance in the region. We specialise in manpower services for the onshore oil and gas industry. We have specialist recruiters for all disciplines in addition to supporting Commercial, HSE and Quality Assurance departments.

Frontier Resources delivers strategic business development projects to the oil and gas industry, ranging from exploration, development, production, export options, fiscal studies and corporate acquisitions. We provide real-time analysis of oil and gas opportunities.

Our Services