Oil & Gas Procurement Services
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Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry makes Frontier Resources one of the key-players in the  Oil and Gas Procurement cycle. Our trading arm caters for a wide range of integrated services for your oil and gas operations.  Our impressive record of project delivery coupled with our specialist know-how in this industry, makes us a partner of choice in the Oil and Gas procurement sector.

We have vast experience across the Oil and Gas industry hence making us ideally placed to service the seismic, drilling, production, refinery and petro-chemical industries. Our comprehensive procurement service offers you full support infrastructure considering all aspects of execution including sustainability, cost implications, logistics and technology.

We will act as your one-stop procurement provider, with our outsourced procurement service, we take responsibility for your purchasing portfolio, commissioning purchases, managing administration and dealing with logistical procedures.

We also offer advisory services for individual and adhoc projects.

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